10th Faculty Colloquium

10th Faculty Colloquium

by Shaneika Juaneza on May 12, 2012 - 5:12 pm

To create a culture of research in the University and to encourage faculty members to undertake research and present their papers here and abroad, the College of Arts and Sciences/Institute of Political Economy aims to hold a monthly faculty colloquium. The 10th Faculty Colloquium was held last April 18, where three faculty members presented the papers they delivered here and abroad.

Dr. Arnel Joven of the Department of History discussed his paper “Contested Medical Science: Re-examining Japanese Medicine and Filipino Adaptations in the Philippines during the Japanese Occupation Period.” Dr. Joven presented the paper during the Conference “The Pacific War 1941-1945: Heritage, Legacies and Culture” held at the Monash University, Australia, last December 5-7.

The paper examines Japanese attempts in the Philippines to compete with predominant American-centered medicine science, as part of a larger re-examination of the Japanese occupation period’s legacy in Philippine social history. While Japan sought to supplant American legacy in the Philippines, Filipinos have in fact ‘re-discovered’ indigenous medical traditions in the face of Japan’s ultimate failure to support the Philippines in the midst of an on-going war. This study focuses on the legacy of the occupational period that put into question the cultural dependency Filipinos developed on American medical science.

Dr. Clement Camposano of the Department of History talked about his paper “Assessing the Use of Anthropological Insights in Promoting Civil Education.” He presented it during

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