History prof publishes book on Spanish period

History prof publishes book on Spanish period

by Camille Diola on July 9, 2012 - 5:11 pm

The Center for Research and Communication (CRC) recently released the work of UA&P history faculty member Dr. Yvette Camacho Into the Frontier: Studies on the Spanish Colonial Philippines, a tribute to famed Spanish historian Lourdes Diaz Trechuelo.

Historian Dr. Svetlana (Yvette)  Camacho

The book is a follow-up to a conference on the late Diaz-Trechuelo’s legacy held in the University in March 2009.

The book’s chapters take off from Diaz-Trechuelo’s pioneering work on the period, at the same time use various approaches to historiography in the country. They also touch on a range of areas including architecture, economics and politics, making the publication not only about history, but truly multidisciplinary.

The publication edited by Dr. Camacho compiles studies from fellow historians from Spain and the Philippines, including the University’s own History Department chair Dr. Juan Mesquida and renowned playwright and Rizal scholar Dr. Paul Dumol.

Dr. Mesquida’s study Spaces, Material Culture, and Changing Roles: The Misericordia of Manila covers socio-political and economic networks in the eighteenth century capital. Dr. Dumol’s chapter The Drafts of the Handbook for Confessors of the Synod of Manila of 1582 explores archival documents that shaped the historic event.

A study by the book’s editor is also included. Dr. Camacho’s “Ciriaco Gonzalez Carvajal’s Development Programs: Promoting Prospecrity through Work in Eighteenth-Century Philippines” introduces readers to the political and social changes promoted by the historical figure of Spanish-born judge Gonzalez Carvajal.

The roster of authors include names familiar in historical circles such as Ateneo de Manila University’s Jose Arcilla, S.J. and the University of the Philippines’ Ferdinand C. Llanes.

The book can now be purchased from CRC and will be formally launched to the public soon.

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