Nothing catches like Dragon fire

Nothing catches like Dragon fire

by UA&P News Desk on August 8, 2012 - 8:43 pm

by Francesca Nicole Torres, IV School of Management

The moment the news blasted reports of red alert weather and people stranded, UA&P students from all over—some facing floods themselves—stormed Twitter and Facebook asking “How can we help?!

The answer came in torrents to rival the downpour outside: tweets begging celebrities to show support for the Philippines; FB posts mobilizing friends and relatives to send anything, everything they could; text messages asking for help for classmates needing rescue. Overnight, a student population became a hero population, shouting “UNITAS!” and sending “UA&P” to the list of the Philippines’ top Twitter Trending Topics—a testament to the desperate desire of Dragons to blaze a trail of relief.

And the wildfire was not limited to the internet. Prom A became a base of operations for dozens of bedraggled but determined student, faculty, and staff volunteers. Some went without sleep, coming straight from Red Cross Soup Kitchens to school. Some braved the flood blockades and threat of stalled cars to lend manpower. Some were not even students of UA&P—San Antonio mobilized a van and willing men to lend a hand to the school that “adopted” them as a community.

All of them were living united, burning with a sense of urgency that kept them going, going, going despite horrible weather and heavy labor. Understaffed and running low on supplies, these volunteers continue to believe that through sheer Dragon determination, miracles will happen.

And miracles have—deliveries of canned goods, noodles, water bottles: precious goods arriving just at the moment of need.

In the face of the storm’s second wind, volunteers still continue to rush on campus, while others type frantically at laptops, tweeting and Facebooking in the hope for favorable answers. There is much that we still lack: rubber boats to mobilize, medicines and alcohol to meet the need. So if you can, lend a hand. Be part of the dragon fire that is catching. Tweet, FB, give, pray, help—live united. Live #UNITAS.

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