Message from the University President

Message from the University President

by UA&P News Desk on August 14, 2012 - 4:20 pm

I returned from South Korea Saturday evening with mixed feelings.  I was glad to be back with the fruits of a five-day academic visit that the Korean government had invited our University to participate in, along with 18 other institutions from 16 countries.  At the same time, what claimed my attention was the calamity that hit us hard last week, as well as news of the University’s response that reached me even while I was still in Korea.

Last week’s tragedy was awful, not least because some of those who were struck hard are people who work side by side with us in the University.  But it was heartwarming to know that the rest of you—most notably our students and alumni—gave not only your time and resources, but yourselves, to offer aid and comfort to those who lost their homes, some even loved ones, to the floods.

I would like to convey my admiration and sincerest thanks to all of you, who helped in one way or another in the relief efforts.  You are a national, if not worldwide, testament to the spirit of service and solidarity—our unitas spirit—that UA&P always teaches and tries to live.

As we continue to help the flood victims and pray for their fast recovery, may we indeed keep the spirit of “a small school with a big heart” always a trending theme among us.

Jose Maria Mariano, PhD
University President

Slider photo by Irmay Ledesma
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