UA&P’s Five to the Fiftieth

UA&P’s Five to the Fiftieth

by Daryl Zamora, CCO on September 7, 2012 - 7:09 pm

In just five years, UA&P will be turning 50. While half a century may not be such an impressive vintage for an educational institution, especially when other universities have had a centuries-long head start on our relatively young school, UA&P is nevertheless committed to making its golden anniversary a milestone for the ages.

President Jose Maria Mariano, in his speech during the University Opening Rites last June 13, introduced a new campaign for the coming years under the banner “Five to the Fiftieth.”

He asked that everyone in UA&P contribute to the growth of the University by outlining a list of objectives that they commit to achieving by 2018, a yeat which also marks the end of “Vision 2018,” the current strategic plan for UA&P. To play off the five-year gap between the campaign and the anniversary, Dr. Mariano proposed that these goals come in multiples of five and presented the following examples:

  • five professorial and research chairs
  • fifty peer-reviewed publications
  • five hundred entries for the UA&P Tambuli Awards
  • five to the fifth power student population (3, 125)
  • five to the fourth power freshmen (625) in addition to the 100 scholars

“For all of us in UA&P, the next five years will be the golden anniversary years of significant effort to accomplish our vision for the strategic period that ends in the school year of our 5oth anniversary” he said. Taking inspiration from St. Josemaria Escriva, Dr. Mariano invited everyone to “reflect deeply on this profoundly Christian legacy and apostolic spirit as it actively shapes the unique identity of our institution.”

“By signing up to UA&P,” he said, “each one of us has freely committed to this legacy, and we renew our commitment each time we observe with diligence everything consistent with it–collegial decisions, policies, guidelines, even a simple request or suggestion from a colleague.”

“This is what creates an effective sense of unity among us. Unitas is the diverse but collaborative response to a shared mission. The weight of our commitment may vary according to our positions in the organization, which are various ways of serving the mission”.
Dr. Mariano also asked that everyone submitting their goals under the Five to the Fiftieth umbrella “to be generous, imaginative, and audacious, keeping mind the three themes of our 2018 vision-university of choice, partnership and internationalization.”

Alternatively spelled #5tothe50th, the campaign will publish commemorative materials that will make use of the hashtag symbol (#) in reference to an internet meme that sprung out of Twitter, seemingly capitalizing on UA&P’s relative youthfulness as an educational institution.

Dr. Mariano announced than an official logo will be unveiled during the University Day ceremonies on the school’s 45th anniversary this August 15. He added that a “golden anniversary committee” has also been organized “to solicit proposals, commitments, and pledges” related to the #5tothe50th efforts.

The campaign’s challenge was also extended to the freshmen batch of schoolyear 2012-2013 whom Dr. Mariano named the “golden anniversary batch.” He challenged them “to collaborate with us on building up our University for its golden anniversary.”

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