SEC’s Market Call: A beacon in economics

SEC’s Market Call: A beacon in economics

by Camille Diola on September 14, 2012 - 11:14 am

Reporters and columnists have been citing Market Call, a monthly publication of the School of Economics in partnership with the First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC).

FMIC-UA&P’s ‘Market Call’

The publication gives the latest forecasts on the Philippine economy, especially on capital markets, made up of the stock market, the bond market and the money market.

UA&P senior economist Dr. Victor Abola explained that the partnership with FMIC arose when the shift in the government’s borrowing program favoring long-term bonds called for studies on the market. Previously, researches focused only on treasury bills.

Dr. Abola believes that a concrete societal contribution as the publication, which helps not only reporters but investors, the government and the business sector, also furthers the aims of the University.

“It strengthens our linkage with business, which is has always been our strength. In (SEC), our economics is business economics, so that’s very much in accordance with our long-term plans,” Dr. Abola said.

The publication also provides a venue for training as it employs the assistance of select Industrial Economics students to contribute in its researches apart from their internships in the business sector.

Market Call, though already a beacon in economics, still has a much brighter future ahead. “More than expand the topics covered, (the aim) is to go more in depth with the studies apart from monitoring and forecasting,” Dr. Abola said.

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