UA&P’s SEU conducts econ workshop for Bataan LGU

UA&P’s SEU conducts econ workshop for Bataan LGU

by Rachel Lynn Belandres on October 9, 2012 - 5:22 pm

Benefit Incidence Analysis, Program Budget Analysis, Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Policy Simulation are policy research tools used to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of government spending.

Last September 12, the members of the Social Economics Unit (SEU), together with UA&P economists Dr. Cid Terosa and Bienvenido Nito, conducted a policy workshop on these tools of analysis for the local government of Balanga City with UA&P alumnus Mayor Jose Enrique Garcia III also in attendance.

Nito, in his opening remarks, said that sharing the tools in policy research was part of SEU’s objective to help LGUs strengthen their institutions and improve public expenditure accountability. Focusing on the social sectors of education, health, and water, the workshop aided local government officials in charting their long-term development plans.

Participants were divided into three groups to represent each social sector and tasked to determine their policy goal for the sector, priority programs in achieving their policy goal, partners in the execution of the project, timeline of implementation, target beneficiaries, sources of funds, and measurement outcomes or performance indicators.

The project was headed by Dr. Emilio Antonio Jr., a UA&P senior economist and project director of the Strengthening Institutions project with the Global Development Network. Dr. Terosa, Columbus Maquito, Ernest Marc Castillo, and Aurora Hidalgo gave the lectures on Benefit Incidence Analysis, Program Budget Analysis, and Cost Effectiveness Analysis and Policy Simulation, respectively.

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