Australian theater guru talks ‘Viewpoints’ method

Australian theater guru talks ‘Viewpoints’ method

by UA&P News Desk on November 13, 2012 - 10:56 am

Noa Rotem and her students. Photo by Abbygail Reyes


Australian actor, director, and educator Noa Rotem recently visited UA&P to give a weeklong workshop on the “Viewpoints,” a technique which addresses performance concepts such as trust, spontaneity, and spatial relationships.

A graduate of the University of Sydney and the Actor’s College, Rotem taught the method known to boost actors’ courage and spontaneity. The workshop organized by the Department of Arts was attended by 26 theater artists, educators, and enthusiasts.

Below a participant talks about the workshop and wishes for more such event.

Noa Rotem. Photo by Abbygail Reyes

Noa Rotem’s workshop entitled Viewpoints: A Method for Physical Theater was absolutely wonderful. It was one of the best workshops I have taken in years.

It’s a new way of working—responding spontaneously and creating through immediate group energy.  One has to free the mind of preconceptions and mental clutter. It’s like unlearning while you’re learning. It was wonderful to see how connected and perceptive we naturally are. We did not want the workshop to end.

Viewpoints is a terrific practice for all performers, directors, and choreographers.  The learning was democratic: beginners gave lovely contributions to the compositions, and the work was refreshing regardless of experience. We learned from each other.

Noa Rotem has an openness that is encouraging. She is able to liberate the student while encouraging him or her to improve. She is both frank and gentle. She is perceptive and insightful. One of the best parts of the workshop was to witness Noa “play” with the ensemble. Her energy, courage, playfulness, and quirky expression was memorable.  

I recommend the workshop highly and am truly glad I participated. I hope the workshop comes round again — I will definitely take it!

Ana Valdes-Lim
Drama educator and artistic director
Assumption College


This article was updated 14 November 2012 to change “Center for Student Affairs” to “Department of Arts.”
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