CAS/IPE holds 14th Faculty Colloquium

CAS/IPE holds 14th Faculty Colloquium

by Carlo Cabrera on November 15, 2012 - 2:24 pm

Anamaria Laudet Mangubat. Photo by Carlo Cabrera


The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and the Institute of Political Economy recently held the 14th Faculty Colloquium with two faculty members, Juan Merris Borra of CAS and Anamaria Laudet Mangubat of the Department of Physical Education, presenting their papers along with guest scholar Maureen Cristin Justiniano, a Ph.D. candidate from the University of Wisconsin.

Borra’s paper, “The Social Media Classroom: Engaging the Faceless,” tackled the integration of social networking into the classroom setting as a means to better engage with students. He discussed the benefits of incorporating social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as a means for teachers to interact with students in an environment with which they are familiar, while also pointing out the possible negative effects these sites may have with their learning.

In “What the Bleep! (Test): The Effect of PE Classes on the Aerobic Fitness of Female Students,” Mangubat looked into the promotion of physical activity among college students through school-based 14th Faculty Colloquium interventions in order to prevent chronic diseases in later stages of life. By comparing aerobic fitness in Filipino female students participating in various physical activities, she concluded that regardless of the type of activity, PE classes may lead to improved aerobic fitness in students.

Justiniano, in her paper, “Navigating Manila’s Labyrinth: An Analysis of 19th Century Colonial Manila in the Making of the Philippine Revolution,” delved into the nature of nationalism in the Philippines in relation to urbanization. She examined how the multifaceted socio-economic structure of 19th-century Manila and its environs affected the formation of the national consciousness that galvanized various social forces as response to the mounting colonial discontent.

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