Sticky-note wishes and a granted favor

Sticky-note wishes and a granted favor

by Anna Cecilia Alejo on November 19, 2012 - 4:33 pm

Wishes on sticky notes. Photo by Anna Cecilia Alejo

On one end of the photo exhibit celebrating the 10th year of the canonization of Opus Dei founder St. Josemaría Escrivá was a nook with a huge portrait of the saint. Emblazoned above the image were the words “What would you like St. Josemaría to do for you today?”  

Students and visitors of the University took the question seriously.

Right above a table filled with memorabilia of the 2002 canonization was a wall full of colorful, square, sticky notes that contained heartfelt wishes and requests.

As it was the height of the period for final exams, research papers, and other school requirements, a good number of petitions revolved around retaining scholarships, passing all subjects, finishing theses, and graduating on time. A few talked about finding a good husband. One even wished UNITAS—the motto of the university—and added a beautiful wish: “May this school expand for it has good foundations and [a] good identity.” Another wished a friend a happy birthday and wanted the whole world to know about it.

Rotating panels feature photos of St Josemaría Escrivá. Photo by Anna Cecilia Alejo

But the most striking petition was the request for the recovery of Math Department Chair Dr. Victoria Quilingin, who had recently met a vehicular accident.

Dr. Quilingin was returning from a funeral in Central Luzon with her family when their vehicle stalled and was parked on the shoulder of the road. A speeding bus hit them from behind and reduced their vehicle to a terrible wreck.

When we heard this news, we knew it was a terrible accident and that the Quilingin family’s chances of survival were uncertain. At that time, we were still getting ready to mount the exhibit on St Josemaría. In silence the students who were part of the team resorted to the prayer cards that were close at hand. It was quite easy to pray to St. Josemaría, as his pictures and voice (from the video playing at the exhibit) were all around us. We entrusted the Quilingins to St Josemaría’s intercession. Within minutes,  sticky notes requesting the fast recovery of the family were seen on the wall.

Two weeks later, UA&P employees and Dr. Quilingin’s students visited her in the hospital. She and her family were one in saying that St Josemaría had interceded for her and her family, because they came out of the accident without need for any major surgery. With only a few broken ribs and wounds from the very bad wreckage, Dr. Quilingin and her family were spared of disaster.

Dr. Quilingin and her family were grateful for the overwhelming support that came from her colleagues, students, and friends at the University.  They said the accident and the deluge of affection resulting from it truly deepened their trust in Divine Providence.

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