Drumline stages pep rally for Dragons

Drumline stages pep rally for Dragons

by Daryl Zamora, CCO on November 27, 2012 - 1:11 pm

Thunders from the Drumline. Photo by Luis Rafael Lansang


UA&P student-athletes, who are passionate about their sport, inspired the UA&P Drumline to stage last week’s thunderous pep rally.

“We can see this [passion] because even if not many people support them, they still give their all to represent our school with dignity,” said Drumline chief Matt de Castro. “This, for me, makes them excellent.”

More than 200 students packed the Multi-Purpose Court around noontime for the rally, where the University’s different teams were introduced and celebrated.

UA&P athletes take part in the Men’s National Collegiate Athletic Association (MNCAA) and the Women’s Colleges Sports Association (WCSA). They play basketball, volleyball, futsal, and table tennis.

The rally also cheered the newly formed budo and ultimate clubs, cheering squad Firestarters, and dance group Squadra, which rendered a teaser of their performance in an upcoming competition.

According to de Castro, who led the crowd in learning a new school cheer, the pep rally proved “fantastic.”

“I cannot remember a time during my UA&P life that everyone shouted together with so much vigor and passion,” he said.

When UA&P’s basketball and volleyball teams won their initial games last Sunday, de Castro took the victories as an effect of last Thursday’s cheer rally. Indeed, one of the basketball players told him the presence of more supporters during their game produced a “great impact” on them.

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