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IESE Business School Prof. Ahmad Rahnema gives a lecture to the inaugural class of SEABS' Advanced Management Program.  Photo by Carlo Cabrera

IESE Business School Prof. Ahmad Rahnema gives a lecture to the inaugural class of SEABS’ Advanced Management Program. Photo by Carlo Cabrera

UA&P continues to make great strides in the field of business education with the establishment of Southeast Asia Business Studies (SEABS), which offers an Advanced Management Program (AMP), in early 2013. The inaugural classes for the AMP started last January 14 with an initial batch of students consisting of business executives from the Philippines and abroad.

“The veritable explosion of business opportunities in Asia need to be matched by an equally rapid increase in top management people with the values, knowledge, and skills required in a highly globalized, complex, and ever-changing environment,” said SEABS faculty member Dr. Bernardo Villegas. “(UA&P’s) unique strengths, as well as the experiences to be shared by the participants from different countries and diverse economic sectors are expected to translate into action plans for meeting real-world business challenges.”

SEABS is a collaboration with the IESE Business School in Spain, one of the leading business schools in the world. It will leverage the global experience of IESE in case-based executive education and CRC’s track record in business economics research. UA&P envisions SEABS to be a leading business school for understanding the issues, mastering the solutions and maximizing opportunities specific to the region.

With top local and regional practitioners from UA&P backed by faculty members from IESE, AMP aims to deliver world-class executive education that will provide the necessary perspective, knowledge, and skills to keep up with the fast globalizing region.

AMP’s modular structure is also designed to minimize the disruption of the professional and personal lives of the participants, consisting of four one-week modules spread over six months. Sessions will be held in key Southeast Asian cities as well as in the IESE campus in Barcelona.

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