Why you should join Smiles for the World

Why you should join Smiles for the World

by Carlo Cabrera on April 19, 2013 - 3:45 pm

smiles for the world

Dear UA&P Students and Alumni,

Through this letter, we hope to encourage (even urge) you to form part of the Smiles for the World competition and have the opportunity of contributing to the more stable preservation and wider appreciation of the cheerfulness, resiliency, compassion, and other sterling qualities of “typical” Filipinos.

tumblr_lv2j7ogeap1qa2zagIn 2012, the Embassy of Chile, University of Asia and the Pacific, and University of Santo Tomas got together to launch what is now called Calidad Humana, via a national narrative essay writing competition, dubbed Breaking the Ground: A Life Well Spent (in celebration of the 30 Chilean miners who were heroically saved from the mines), that yielded 150 entries, 30 of which rated Very Good, and five (5) of which were rated Superior by a specially constituted prestigious board of judges.

This year, another competition, dubbed Smiles for the World, continues the tradition of highlighting excellence of Filipino character that Calidad Humana wants to push. In more than a month’s time, the deadline (moved to Friday, 31 May 2013) for this competition is setting in. This invitation may be late in coming, but there’s still time for you to vie for an iPhone 5; US $ 1,000; and a roundtrip fare to Chile and Brazil, with free accommodations, to actually serve as ambassador of Philippine smiles!

All it takes is a) to take a photo of one or several Filipinos smiling in whatever circumstances and for whatever reason, to showcase cheerfulness, resiliency, and compassion; b) to write a catchy message (not a caption) related to the photo, addressed to Filipinos and the rest of the world, with no more than 140 characters; and c) to briefly explain the message, with no more than 240 characters excluding punctuation marks. That’s certainly simple enough … and the consequences are enormous, in preserving the Filipino smile (and all the good things that this stands for) and in spreading this to the rest of the world. It’s open to all ages!

How about it! Go and find a good image of a “smile” showcase … and shoot! Your participation would mean a lot to the development of the Calidad Humana efforts. Good photos, by the way, win or not, shall be displayed for two weeks at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.

Go for IT! Join the bandwagon of the embassies of Chile and Brazil, UST, UA&P, Ateneo, DLSU, UP, CCP, Coca-Cola, Smart Communication, Philippine Star, and several other partners, who have committed themselves to the Filipino brand of calidad humana. Get more details from www.projectch.com, including how to submit entries. Please direct all inquiries to this address: projectch.ph@gmail.com

Warmest regards … and here’s hoping (knowing) that you are exerting all efforts to preserve the endearing ideals your Alma Mater has imbibed in you, whether alumni or students.

Sincerely yours,
Competition Overseer

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