Announcement from the Management Committee on August 8-11 clean up

Announcement from the Management Committee on August 8-11 clean up

by UA&P News Desk on August 7, 2013 - 2:46 pm

What we are doing, and why

We are strongly pursuing a Zero Dengue UA&P campaign that aims to rid the university grounds of mosquitoes and their breeding places and thus ensure that the University is not a source of infection.

How we are going to go about it

So far, we have conducted three misting operations, inspected and eliminated possible breeding areas (plant pots, vases, dish racks, areas with stagnant water), set out 150 larva traps and several mosquito killers in various places, and disseminated information on how to protect oneself through the use of safe insect repellents, appropriate clothing, and other means.

We will give a strong push to our Zero Dengue UA&P campaign over the next four days (August 8-11) by expediting in-house cleaning and repairs (of drainage, gutters, etc.), conducting a fourth round of misting (in cooperation with nearby residential areas and establishments), uprooting plants where mosquitoes can breed, cleaning the creek (in collaboration with the Pasig City Hall), planting mosquito-repelling plants, and helping barangay officials set up their own Dengue-Free Barangay San Antonio operation.

To get all these done as quickly and as efficiently as possible, we are calling off classes (of students in the four-year and five-year programs) tomorrow, Thursday, and on Saturday. Some scheduled activities such as those for professionals (in SEC, SED, and SMN) and the SciComm may be held. The WNCAA opening ceremonies to be held at the PhilSports Arena on August 10, Saturday, shall proceed as well as the entrance examinations scheduled on August 11, Sunday.

University offices shall remain open. The units can retain a skeleton crew to make sure that essential operations are taken care of and valuable equipment in the offices are secure.  Library operations shall continue but with limited services and hours of operation.

What we need from you

We ask everyone to please help in this campaign. More specifically, we hope that members of the university community — students, faculty, staff, and partners — can do the following:

1. Monitor your workplaces and surrounding spaces for possible breeding areas, and clear them or ask help from our Service Masters in cleaning up those areas. Assign someone in the unit to check these areas regularly. Report other possible breeding areas that have not been cleaned up.

2. Review previous notices here and here to keep yourself updated and to remain vigilant so that we can maintain a dengue-free environment.

Those who wish to work from home will have access to email, documents shared via Google Drive, and can communicate and collaborate with other faculty and staff via Google Hangout.

We wish to thank everyone in advance for their help, and look forward to making the University a dengue-free area in the soonest time possible.

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