UA&P celebrates 18th University Day

UA&P celebrates 18th University Day

by Lorenz Visco on August 28, 2013 - 4:07 pm

University Day

UA&P celebrated on August 15 its 18th University Day with a University Lecture and the conferment of the Academic Research Awards.

The University Day lecture was delivered by Dr. Rolando Dy, Executive Director of the Center for Food and AgriBusiness, who shared his assessments on “Inclusive Growth and Agriculture Development.” In a nutshell, Dr. Dy discussed how agricultural development is imperative to the inclusive growth of the country. He mentioned that development in the field of agriculture may be one of the missing links in the government’s poverty reduction programs.

As in the past five years, UA&P conferred the Academic Research Awards to full-time faculty members whose research papers met set criteria. Aside from being aligned to the research agenda, the research papers are found consistent with the UA&P Credo and have been published in a peer-reviewed local or foreign academic journal listed in one of a select number of indexes. This year, for the first time, five research papers were commended.

Dr. Caterina Molo of the School of Communication (SCM) bagged two awards. One is for her institutional research work entitled “When Servant becomes Leader: The Corazon C. Aquino Success Story as a Beacon for Business Success,” which came out in Journal of Business Ethics on September 5, 2012. The other is for “Bringing back the essence of ‘S’ and ‘R’ to CSR: Understanding the Limitations of the Merchant Trade and the White Man’s Burden,” which was also published in Journal of Business Ethics dated October 3, 2012.

Dr. Veronica Isla, also from SCM, was awarded for her non-institutional research paper entitled “Investigating Second-Hand Fashion Trade and Consumption in the Philippines: Expanding Existing Discourses,” published on May 7, 2012 in Journal of Consumer Culture.

Dr. Maria Victoria Caparas of the School of Management wrote an institutional research article entitled “Why Do Managers Engage in Trustworthy Behavior? A Multilevel Cross-Cultural Study in 18 Countries” first made public online on June 5, 2013 in Personnel Psychology, Wiley Online Library.

Dr. Noemi Torre of the School of Sciences and Engineering wrote a non-institutional research article entitled “A New Wavelet based on Morlet and Mexican Hat Wavelets,” published in the journal Matimyas Matematika, Volume 33, nos. 1-2 (2010).

In his closing remarks, Dr. Jose Maria Mariano, the University President, commended Dr. Dy and the four Academic Research awardees for demonstrating “our capacity to intensify research and its communication in all sectors of the University.” He said that difficulties in the work of research and communication could be overcome when there is hunger for truth, when we discover the joy of gaining an understanding of how to solve problems, and when “we share the insight, which heightens the joy of possessing it.”


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