Expat Newspaper: Envoys give football a big kick off

Expat Newspaper: Envoys give football a big kick off

by Lorenz Visco on March 12, 2014 - 2:43 pm


Photo by Poch Reyes.

Last February 28, the University of Asia and the Pacific hosted the launch of the Ambassadors Cup grassroots football project.  The project seeks to harness the power of football in uniting persons, communities, and countries, and in furthering inclusive and integral human development.

Spearheaded by the Henry V. Moran Foundation, Team Socceroo FC and UA&P, the launch was well-attended by different ambassadors and embassy representatives.

UA&P alumnus Paulus Reyes, the Ambassadors Cup Task Force Chair, expressing why futsal would be the best way to form kids through sports in underserved communities, told Expat Newspaper:

“We believe that futsal is the best way to reach out to the different communities in the Philippines, mainly because they have the infrastructures already such as the basket­ball courts and open parks and even the streets. Secondly, it is because of futsal that we create better players.The game is more fast paced and has higher technical ability….Football (also) has a special role in society. It’s not just fun to play; it can change lives and transform people. It’s actually the best way to instill values and virtues in the youth.”

Read more about Expat’s article here.

Special thanks to Poch Reyes for the photos.


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