First UNITAS Games a success

First UNITAS Games a success

by Lorenz Visco on March 12, 2014 - 5:20 pm

Continuing the tradition set by the University Sports Day, UA&P held the first UNITAS Games last February 24 to instill teamwork and foster camaraderie and healthy competition among its students and employees.

After the Parade of Colors, President Jose Maria Mariano declared the games open and the first event aeromarathon was launched. Led by Firestarters’ Coach Ajjie Alejandro, everyone from the sidelines joined in and danced the morning into a well-executed warm-up. All teams started out with 25 players each, but after a few rounds, everyone in the MPC was dancing along, thus resulting in everyone getting a perfect score.


A student showing her support for the yellow team.
Photo by Poch Reyes. Click here for more photos.

The second event required not physical endurance but a mind adept at planning and strategy: “Build It” required the players to construct a tower with a few sheets of paper and masking tape. The Orange team (SEC, ADM, LIB, and CCO) won by building, not a tall tower, but a stable one that stood for more than two minutes.

Those were some of what the University went through the entire day.

The energetic teams also joined other “mind games” such as the Game of the Generals and the Quiz Bee, and other muscle-bolstering activities including Blanket Volley Ball, Kadang-kadang, and Tug of War.

The event was headed by the CSA-Sports Development Desk and HRM. They were assisted by the University Student Government through its Project Management Team.

Although students made up most of the participants, several faculty and staff members from the different academic and administrative units lent both brawn and moral support. Perry Reyes (Orange team) dauntlessly ran around the rotunda with his students and Dr. Cora Torralba as well as Dr. Juan Mesquida of the Green team (CAS) gamely crawled across ALB during the unexpectedly grueling Amazing Race.

In the end the Orange Team came out as champions. The 2nd place was shared by the Yellow team (SSE, PIA, DEV, CSR and HRM) and the Purple team (AFM, REG, SCM and CHP). In 3rd place was the Green team (CAS).

Not everyone who participated in the games came out as winner but all will certainly have the honor of being the pioneers of UNITAS GAMES, this new event that will give the future generations of UA&P students and staff the opportunity to instill in themselves values inspired by UNITAS.

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