Reminder to heed safety signage on campus

Reminder to heed safety signage on campus

by UA&P News Desk on August 4, 2014 - 12:16 pm

The University has reached out to two men who figured in similar but separate falling accidents last week in the Parking and Sports Building (PSB). Witnesses and responding security personnel reported that the men sustained only minor scratches. UA&P has conveyed to them the community’s concern for their wellbeing and offered to provide any medical assistance they might need.

​​The university management has ​assured all students, faculty, employees, and visitors that the PSB remains to be a safe and secure area for sports and other social activities. The building was issued an occupancy permit by Pasig City’s Office of the Building Official (OBO), which certifies full compliance with government-approved architectural and engineering plans.

Vice President for Development Mr. Ruben T. Umali advised users of the PSB facilities to heed the safety signage and stay away from areas cordoned off by yellow tape. He pointed out that the bleachers are not yet functional because they are still undergoing completion. He said that the Assets and Facilities Management unit (AFM) has already been instructed to come up with whatever extra measures are needed to prevent any recurrence.

On 26 July, an alumnus was playing futsal with the members of the UA&P Futsal Team on the fourth level of PSB when the unfortunate accident happened. He walked over to the bleachers area to get the ball that was tossed there but he fell through and landed on the floor of the hallway below. This prompted the Security Office under AFM to immediately place additional signs in the area and install barriers to block access into the bleachers area.

Then on 28 July, Monday evening, during another futsal practice, a guest of Coach Chris Dominguez, also fell through and landed on the floor of the female bathroom on the lower level. The person involved was a Japanese businessman based in the Philippines. While playing, his ball landed on an unsafe area. Apparently ignoring the signs and the blockade, he crossed over, stepped on the bleachers and fell through the ceiling below. Observers noticed that the Japanese visitor had difficulty speaking in English and suspected that he may not have understood the signage.

In both instances, UA&P security guards and students offered assistance to the victims. Both refused to be brought to the clinic or nearby hospital, and continued to play even after the incidents. In a text message, the brother of the Japanese assured the community that his sibling “did not get hurt… (but) misplaced his cell phone at the time…I think he was trying to explain that to people but since he does not speak English well it might have confused the situation…He is in one piece and he wants to play again with your team…Thank you.”   

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