Afternoon JAM Session with Le Maste winners

Afternoon JAM Session with Le Maste winners

by Lorenz Visco on October 15, 2014 - 1:25 pm

Last October 1, University President Dr. Jose Maria Mariano sat down with some of the winners of the first-ever Philippine Leadership Masters Congress.

Students from the University of Asia and the Pacific flew to Cagayan de Oro to attend Le Maste: 1st Philippine Leadership Masters Congress, which was held last August 16 to17. Accompanied by Murielle Catabui of the Center for Student Affairs, they consisted of Political Economy students Renz Ayongao, Karina Pineda, and Shay Juaneza, who were the overall champions of the National News Casting Competition, and Bosun members Mark Bautista, Mikey Ramos, and Mimille Guzman, who bagged 1st runner-up honors.

During the merienda cena, Dr. Mariano took up with the students their experiences during the event, as well as other concerns they had regarding the school.

The students expressed their desire that a debate society be established in the University. They also brought up the long-term effort of the Bosun editors to put together and edit a collection of readings that will encapsulate a student’s four-to-five years of residency in the University.

The Bosun likewise invited Dr. Mariano to give a talk during one of the Bosun’s trainimg workshops. Dr. Mariano agreed on the condition that once the collection of readings is produced , he will be given a copy.

The Political Economy students had important interests to touch on as well.

They raised the issue of social entrepreneurship and inquired how the University is addressing it. Dr. Mariano drew their attention to the continuing efforts of Dr. Villegas, along with the Center for Research and Communication, in using sports to impart values and unite communities. The recently concluded Ambassadors cialis dosage Cup can be considered the best example of this, and the upcoming second Ambassadors Cup is a great indication that their efforts have not been futile.

The Le Maste Leadership Masters Congress fosters development on three industries in the Philippine setting: Social Entrepreneurship, Fashion Industry, and National Leadership and Governance.  It aims to train the youth in socio-civics, arts, and corporate leadership. And after the session with the UA&P delegates, it is unmistakable that they have not only brought glory to the school, but also gained  important lessons they can employ as the trailblazers for the University.

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