Student Org holds youth conference on service

Student Org holds youth conference on service

by Mary Gleefer Jalea on November 28, 2014 - 3:22 pm

The student volunteers and organizers, together with the high school participants of ISC.

Starting the second semester with a bang, UA&P student organization CATALYST held the I Serve to Change (ISC) conference, the third installment of its I Change series held last November 15 at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium. More than 300 participants from public and private high schools in Metro Manila as well as over 30 UA&P student volunteers were in attendance for the whole-day conference, which featured speakers from different fields whose talks centered on the theme “Building Bridges in Society through Excellent Service.”

Cong. Dax Cua (second from right) with CATALYST officers.

Among them was Quirino Congressman Dax Cua who talked about his work as a public servant and how service should be offered to one’s countrymen. “If we continuously think of ourselves, it’s like living in hell,” he said. “If we continuously serve and think of others, it s like living in heaven.”

ABS-CBN Senior News Reporter Willard Cheng also talked about service through responsible journalism while professional basketball coach Tim Cone of the PBA’s Purefoods Star Hotshots imparted to the participants how service could be rendered via professional coaching.

“What I want for my men is not just to learn basketball from me, but also to learn life from me,” Cone said.

Basketball coach Tim Cone talks about service through professional coaching.

Also taking to the stage to share their experiences were UA&P students like Humanities senior Mimille Guzman who told her family’s story of service putting up House of Treasures, a support group for young cancer patients. Third year IEP student and CATALYST President Pauline Zamora talked about the student org as a branch of “Servant-ology,” a solution to apathy or what Zamora called “Dedma-tology.”

Arizza Nocum, a student from the University of the Philippines Diliman, talked about being an administrator of the non-profit organization Kristiyano – Islam Peace Library, leaving the audience with the question “How can we change to serve, so we can serve to change?”

After the past two conferences, I Write for Change and I Lead to Change, CATALYST organized ISC in the hopes of showing the youth the importance of service to society.

UA&P student Mimille Guzman (far right) with CATALYST project heads.

UA&P student Mimille Guzman (far right) with CATALYST project heads.

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