UA&P IT students prepare for AteneoHacks 2015

UA&P IT students prepare for AteneoHacks 2015

by Lorenz Visco on January 6, 2015 - 10:09 am

Two groups of Information Technology students from the University of Asia and the Pacific are gearing up for a bout against other schools in the upcoming AteneoHacks 2015.

Both teams will spend two days in the Ateneo campus with competing colleges as they create a code for an app, a program or a website that will leave an impact on a specific theme given on the day of the competition.

“This is our first time to join a hackathon, said Jus Puntay, a member of DragonSSE team 1. “We did not expect to make it through the screening process, and we don’t expect to win. But expect that we will give our best, since we proudly carry the name of UA&P on our chests.”

First row from left Paolo gonzales, philip bulleros,  julio arenas,  fernando gonzales Top left to right Adrian eusrbio,  eldarel solon,  jus puntay, eliashar pallarca,  darwin celestino Absent Lance sta ana

DragonSSE representing UA&P in the upcoming AteneoHacks. Top row, l-r: Adrian Eusebio, Eldarel Solon, Jus Puntay, Eliashar Pallarca, Darwin Celestino. First row, l-r: Paolo Gonzales, Philip Bulleros, Julio Arenas, Fernando Gonzales. Not in picture: Lance Sta. Ana

Jus Puntay is the president of Sciences and Engineering Society, the official organization of the School of Sciences and Engineering. Other members of team 1 are Eldarel Solon, Darwin Celestino, Paolo Gonzales and Fernando Gonzales, while team 2 is comprised of Eliashar Pallarca, Lance Sta. Ana, Adrian Eusebio, Philip Bulleros and Julio Arenas.

AteneoHacks is a joint project by the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science of the Ateneo de Manila University School of Science and Engineering, Ateneo Management Information Systems Association and 8Layer Technologies.

AteneoHacks will begin the morning of January 10 and end the night of January 11, 2015.Visit their official page to know more about the competition.

For more information on the School of Sciences and Engineering, visit their UA&P page here.

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