Dragons welcome Eggs in Hatchweek 2015

Dragons welcome Eggs in Hatchweek 2015

by Lorenz Visco on August 10, 2015 - 4:56 pm

A freshmen student wearing a "nerd" themed outfit during the first day of Hatchweek.

A freshman student wearing a “nerd” themed outfit during the first day of Hatchweek.

From August 3 to 7, the halls of UA&P were once again filled with students clad in colorful costumes as the annual tradition of Hatchweek finally rolled in.

During the first day of Hatchweek, the freshmen wore their nerdiest outfits and assembled in the MPC during lunch time to kick off the week-long event. Vice President for Student and Alumni Affairs Ms. Imelda Estillore delivered a message to the students, which was followed by a heart-pounding performance by the UA&P Drumline. This was also the first day that the “Eggs” met their “Dragons,” or juniors who were up to task in taking a freshman under their wing.

Tuesday was Fiction Day, and keeping the dress code in mind the freshmen did their best to dress up as their favorite character based on a book, movie or cartoon. When the freshmen came back on Thursday, they were all in various national costumes of different nationalities. It was also on this day that the
University Student Government started selling tickets for the annual culminating event that would happen the next day.

Come Friday, everyone was wearing either their corporate attire or nautical themed outfits. Originally Friday was primarily nautical-themed, but the freshmen also underwent their Incorporation Rites that day, wherein they were given their becas signifying their status as UA&P students.

The University Student Government with University President Dr. Stan Padojinog (rightmost).

The University Student Government with University President Dr. Winston Conrad Padojinog (rightmost).

At night, the much-awaited Crossfire began. Here, different school organizations and showed their talents. Reverb played a couple of songs, while a group called The Real Deal composed of some USG officers, some dragons and some eggs.

However, the highlight of the night was the fusing of the two dance groups of the university, cialis wherein Squadra and I-SA became “One Squad,” blowing the audience away with their electrifying dance moves and embodying the university slogan UNITAS.

From its early beginnings as a timid awarding ceremony at the Li Seng Giap Auditorium to becoming one of the most-awaited traditions in UA&P, Hatchweek has become the epitome of solidarity and school spirit. Every year brings a different experience altogether, and indeed the uniting of Squarda and I-SA is what made this year’s Hatchweek/Crossfire stand out from the previous years.

Pictures provided by the Media Management Committee. To view more photos from the event, click here »

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