UA&P, Enderun win ICFT opening games

UA&P, Enderun win ICFT opening games

by Carlo Cabrera on August 18, 2015 - 4:45 pm


The UA&P Futsal Varsity Team is off to a strong start after scoring a victory over Taguig City University (11-1) during the opening match of the Inter-Collegiate Futsal Tournament (ICFT) held last August 15. In the following matches, the UA&P Futsal Club defeated Philippine Women’s University (3-5) while Ederun A and Enderun B picked up wins over University of Makati (3-2) and Ateneo de Manila University (1-0), respectively.


The games were preceded by an opening ceremony featuring performances by the UA&P Chorale and UA&P Drumline. In attendance were UA&P President Dr. Winston Conrad Padojinog and UA&P co-founder Dr. Bernardo Villegas who shared some words of encouragement for the players.

“I am glad to see that football and futsal are becoming more and more popular sports in the country. I hope to see soon Filipinos also develop a love for these sports where I believe we have what it takes to enjoy a competitive edge in the global arena,” Dr. Padojinog said in his opening remarks. He also emphasized that “while winning games is always good, it is not the most important thing in sports.”


“All sports, not just football, are the best channels to know values and acquire virtues for everyone and to give good examples and inspirations to others,” he said. “Sports is a great way in which people meet, know and accept each other as they are. Whether we win or lose cialis online, the most important thing is that sports promote personal and group unity.”

Dr. Villegas, a known football fan and an advocate for the proliferation of the sport in the Philippines, shared similar sentiments, saying that “integrity and excellence are more important than winning.”


Organized by the UA&P Department of Physical Education, the ICFT is held at the UA&P Parking and Sports Building every Saturday until the finals on September 26. The schedule for upcoming matches may be viewed below:

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