Students talk journey through Korean History

Students talk journey through Korean History

by UA&P News Desk on September 16, 2015 - 4:50 pm


Last September 4, the Samsung Korean Studies Program (SKSP), in cooperation with the Department of Asia Pacific Studies, held “Korean Civilizations: A Journey through History,” the program’s second colloquium on the Korea Study Tour. Eight students presented their learnings and experiences from visiting several historical sites in Seoul, the capital of the Joseon dynasty, and Gyeongju, the Buddhist capital of the Silla dynasty, last May 22-28.

SKSP, headed by Professorial and Research Chair Djun Kil Kim, launched the Korea Study Tour in 2014 as an educational field trip to South Korea entirely funded by Fastem Group of Companies President Sun Kyu Baek. Students who excellently performed in APS 102C: Korean History and Civilization Class and KOR 101: Basic Korean Language Class are annually chosen to join the tour.


Under the guidance of Dr. Arnel Joven and Ms. Regina Gonzaludo-Castillo, both instructors of APS 102C class, the following students were privileged to be part of the 2nd Korea Study Tour: Nogin Bunda (III- MSCM), Lorry Awi Cada (IV-IMC), Michael Allen Fernandez (III-MSIE), Marco Felizardo (II-PolEco), John Vince Gamboa (BA Economics, 2015), Jazzelyn Lauron (IV-IMC), Katrina Olan (III-IMC), and Nicole Villavicencio (III-MSCM).

The study tour’s benefactor, Mr. Baek, attended the colloquium along with Counselor Choong Suk Oh, Director of Korean Cultural Center in the Philippines, and Ms. Dohye Kim, Ph.D candidate from Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Among the UA&P officials in attendance was CRC Research Director Dr. Bernardo Villegas who congratulated the students on their presentations and encouraged the parents and guests to visit South Korea—the only country that escaped the middle-income trap and successfully developed into the country we know today.

A video produced by student Katrina Olan featuring highlights of the tour may be viewed below:

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