UA&P to begin academic calendar in August

UA&P to begin academic calendar in August

by Carlo Cabrera on January 15, 2016 - 5:47 pm

Starting this year, UA&P will be opening classes in August and ending its academic calendar in July. The move away from the June-May schedule was finalized after the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) posed no objection to UA&P’s shift. The university will begin the first semester of school year 2016-2017 on August 8, 2016.

With most universities in the world beginning the school year in August, September, or October, the shift will allow UA&P to better synchronize with foreign universities. More higher education institutions in the Philippines have adopted the August-May schedule in recent years as part of their internationalization efforts in light of the ASEAN integration in 2015. The Philippines remains the only ASEAN member to start its academic year in June after Thailand adopted the September-May calendar in 2011.

The new calendar will facilitate UA&P’s pursuit of partnerships for student and faculty exchange programs with foreign institutions, as well as foster collaboration with other universities in Metro Manila that have adjusted to the new calendar. Last year, the University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University and University of Santo Tomas made the move to start opening classes in August.

UA&P came to its decision to make the change following consultations conducted with students and faculty members. Management also deemed it best to observe first and learn from the experiences of the other universities.

The university will not be making any changes to its curriculum related to the new calendar. During the transition, the university will hold two regular five-week summer terms in the summer of 2016. Having two summer terms will allow the students to catch up with their subjects or to take a lighter load. This will also give their families some leeway in planning their summer activities.

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