Announcement from the Management Committee

Announcement from the Management Committee

by UA&P News Desk on April 28, 2016 - 10:35 am

Thanks to the efforts of our Office of Alumni Affairs, it has come to our attention that a Facebook page named “Graduation T-Shirts, Mug, Phone Case” has been advertising the sale of a hoodie that bears the name of UA&P. We wish to clarify that this merchandise was not officially sanctioned by the University, nor was it cleared by any of its offices.

We also endeavour each and every one to check the veracity of websites before making a transaction. In this particular case, it is worth noting that the manufacturing company, TeeChip, has received numerous negative reviews from customers due to non-compliance of agreements.

Please spread the word and report the post and the page The more reports, the more Facebook will be compelled to take it down.

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