6YP and the Questions that Matter

6YP and the Questions that Matter

by Liza Alvarado, CCO on March 23, 2017 - 10:20 am

The addition of two years of senior high school education (as drawn out in the Enhanced Basic Education Act of 2013, aka K-12 Law) did not sit well with many parents and educators. The perceived financial setback for the former and the lack of readiness of the latter gave rise to several petitions against the law’s immediate implementation. The law was passed, and UA&P rose to the challenge with the 6YP.

The Six-Year Integrated University Program (or 6YP) integrates the changes in basic education with the liberal arts foundation of UA&P programs and the trailblazing graduate program offerings of the University. Should a student successfully fulfill all the requirements, he/she will finish junior college (equivalent to Grades 11 and 12) and acquire a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in just six years.

This innovation has been received with as much optimism as there have been inquiries. Because those questions matter, we present them here.

Why should I enroll my child in 6YP?

“The integrated six-year program will allow your child to finish junior college and acquire a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in only six years,” says Mrs. Rissa Barretto-Cortes, Program Director of the 6YP. “You will actually get to save at least an entire school year compared to other schools. UA&P is the only school to offer this integrated program.”

What would my child benefit from it?

“Aside from getting whole-person education, your child will already be admitted into his/her university of choice. He/She will no longer have to worry about taking another college entrance exam. Moreover, the integrated program will allow him/her to transition smoothly into the University’s liberal arts curriculum,” Mrs. Barretto-Cortes explains.

How much is the tuition? Are there scholarships available?

The tuition fee for Grade 11 is PhP150,014.00. Tuition varies every year. There are scholarships available for 6YP applicants.

Will there be graduation ceremonies after junior college?

“There will be a ceremony to mark the completion of the first two years,” Dr. Amado Saquido, UA&P Vice President for Academic Affairs, answers. “It may not be exactly like the usual graduation ceremonies since the program is part of an integrated university program. We will determine what exactly that ceremony will be as we go along.”

If a student decides to enroll in 6YP but in second year (or Grade 12) realizes that he or she wants to pursue a degree not offered by UA&P, will his or her credentials be accepted in other colleges or universities?


Who will teach UA&P’s junior college students?

“The professors of the regular university programs will teach those in the 6YP, including those in the first two years of the program. Note that we are not considering them as high school students,” Dr. Saquido points out.

If my child is in Grade 11 now in another school but would like to take the 6YP, what should we do?

There are two courses of action, according to Marketing Officer Kat Reodique. First, he/she can finish Grade 12 in that school and then take a 5-year program in UA&P, which will give him/her a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree at the end of five years. Or, if the child insists, he/she will be asked to take Grade 11 again. This is because the 6YP curriculum is grounded on the liberal arts, which is the core foundation of all UA&P programs.

What subjects will be taken in the first and second year of junior college?

In their first year of 6YP, students will take subjects on, among others, communication, earth science, Filipino, literature, arts, general mathematics, statistics, personal development, sacraments, and physical education. In second year, they will have subjects on, among others, information technology, physical science, introduction to philosophy of human person, formation of Christian civilization, Shakespeare, basic economics, research writing, North American studies, physical education, and morals.

Is there a uniform?

No. The University follows, however, an attire guide characterized by decency, urbanity, and elegance.

The six-year program of UA&P will not only respond to the present needs of the society but will also contribute to the formation of more young minds capable of making free and morally upright choices. From the bellows of the University will rise more dragons imbued with a Christian spirit, who are committed to professional excellence and the responsible use of freedom.

For inquiries, contact the following:

Admissions requirements and processes
Ms. Beng Cerrer (Admissions Office)
637-0912 local 217

6YP curriculum
Ms. Rissa Barretto-Cortes
6YP Program Director (CAS)
637-0912 local 334

Campus tours/high school visits/career talks
Ms. Pat Tandoc (CCO)
637-0912 local 342

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