What’s BIGGKAS+?

What’s BIGGKAS+?

by UA&P News Desk on March 31, 2017 - 2:17 pm

BIGGKAS+ is a university-wide program that aims to address the community development needs of UA&P’s adopted community through school-based interventions that are sustainable, relevant, and needs-based. It is an offshoot of BIGGKAS, a project initiated by the Civics Desk of then Office of Student Affairs, now Center for Student Affairs (CSA). The project name is an acronym for the seven basic initiative clusters, namely, BASA, ISIP, GAWA, GALING, KATESISMO, ARTE, and SPORTS. Its concept was inspired by a simple, half-day outreach activity initiated back in 2005, in the form of an event designed to help children appreciate reading through story-telling sessions, art workshops, and book lending. From then, it evolved into a full-blown, socio-civic program that aims to kindle the spirit of generosity and volunteerism among UA&P students. In the process, it promotes values such as charity, magnanimity, and citizenship.

BIGGKAS+ stands on the same foundation as BIGGKAS. The plus (+) is a provision made to cater to a wider range of projects that may not covered by the existing clusters. It also means that the program involves the larger UA&P community, allowing faculty and staff to share their time, talent, and expertise to the partner community.

At present, it is mobilized by a Technical Working Group (TWG) composed of representatives from various schools and units of the University: Center for Social Responsibility (CSR), CSA, Human Resource Management (HRM), and the Operations Committees (OpComs). CSR is tasked to act as the overall head, coordinator, and convener of the TWG. CSA liaises with community leaders and coordinate activities at the grassroots level. The OpComs invite faculty and students to participate in extension services. HRM sends the administrative personnel needed to assist in the extension services.

Guided by the TWG, each academic unit is encouraged to conceptualize and carry out its own flagship projects. The idea is to create a platform where faculty and staff can perform community extension work for the community through interventions that are in line with their respective line of work or expertise. While projects are handled by schools or units, they are not designed to be exclusive. In other words, everyone in the UA&P community is encouraged to explore ways to contribute and be involved in any of the projects; whether as researchers, instrument developers, resource persons, or as field volunteers. Student organizations are likewise welcome to explore how their activities may be done in collaboration with any of the cluster projects.

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