• Society & Education

    A school of her own

    For MA Values Education* alumna Leonora Vinluan, running her own school had been a longtime dream. In 2005, after finishing her studies in UA&P, that dream was realized with a little help from her brother, the inspiration and instruction she gained from the University, and a lot of hard work.

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  • Arts, Culture & Media

    What the humanities does to you

    A humanities educator explains how the study of arts and culture taps man’s highest potential.

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  • Society & Education

    Passion for teaching

    “Although going into full-time teaching would mean tremendous opportunity cost, I opted to give up my booming meat business. Later on, I realized I didn’t feel bad at all about letting go.” An MA Economics Education alumnus writes about the profession he never expected he’d enter, and his quest for progress in teaching.

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