Arts and Culture

A liberal arts institution with numerous stage productions, concerts, workshops and art exhibits, UA&P is home to young talents, award-winning artists and respected scholars that have come to represent the region internationally.

The University’s arts and culture scene is made constantly alive by the various theater and arts student organizations led by the Center for Student Affairs’ Kultura desk and academic departments of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Kultura Desk

The Kultura Desk of UA&P’s Center for Student Affairs (CSA) aims to be both a home for the community’s creative talents as well as a coordinating body for cultural and artistic events within the University.

UA&P Chorale

Every year, with the cooperation of student volunteers, it produces a varied arts season for the benefit of the University community. Kultura also provides guidance to student organizations that focus on the arts, and oversees the activities of the UA&P Chorale, the University’s resident choral ensemble.

Through its projects and events, Kultura aims to expose students to creative ways of spending their leisure time, promote values through the arts, promote the significant role that practice in and exposure to the arts can play in one’s holistic formation, and provide venues for the development and display of artistic talent in the University community.

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