Departmental Activities

Departments under the College of Arts and Sciences help promote culture and appreciation for the arts and the written word through their activities and programs.

Department of Arts

The Department of Arts invite known artists, musicians, designers and performers the world over to give talks and workshops on their crafts. Besides partnering with galleries, museums, individual artists and groups, the department also independently hosts film festivals, exhibits, tours and concerts.

It also establishes the foundation for a refined and critical appreciation of beauty. Among the subjects it offers are Fine Arts, Music, Film and Theater. Read more about the Arts Program »

Department of English

The Department of English, true to its role of nurturing an understanding of the unity and diversity in the world, organizes interdisciplinary activities featuring talks by personalities from the fields of arts, business, social work, the sciences, and politics. It holds the annual English Week in July.

Among the courses the department teaches are Communication Arts and Research Writing. Read more about the English Program »

Department of Filipino

The Buwan ng Wika (Month of Language) activities in August are headed by the Department of Filipino, whose task is to nurture students’ communication skills in the country’s native language. Among the month’s activities are the Sabayang Pagbigkas (choral recitation) competition between high schools all over the country, Filipino parlor games, talks by prominent artists, and performances.

The Filipino program makes use of selected works from Philippine literature in teaching courses such as Sining ng Komunikasyon (Arts of Communication), Retorikang Filipino (Filipino Rhetorics), and Panitikang Pilipino (Philippine Literature). Read more about the Program »

Department of Literature

The Department of Literature, with its thrust to enable students enjoy the richness and diversity of written works, hosts the Shakespeare Week in February which celebrates the genius of the Bard through poetry, monologue, and a theatrical performance. The Department also offers courses on classical literature, renaissance literature, medieval literature focusing on Dante Alighieri’s work, and modern literature. Read more about the Literature Program » 

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