Civics and Leadership

UA&P, with its dynamic and formative environment, breeds leaders who go on to excel in their fields, reach out to their communities, and inspire others with their value-based outlook and openness to life.

Many of them begin young as proactive students who realize that citizenship isn’t just a label or a title, but a way of living. This perspective is reinforced by University education in that help students understand the notion and obligations of citizenship and the principles behind political and social participation. This means exposing students to its actual exercise in the communities where they find themselves.

Civics Desk

A UA&P student giving a talk to mothers in a nearby community.

The Civics Desk of UA&P’s Center for Student Affairs (CSA) promotes awareness of socio-political issues and concerns, responsible citizenship, and leadership empowerment.

Its annual CivAsia Conference Series serves as a venue for reasoned conversation on socio-political concerns. In this arena, student leaders from all around the Philippines and even neighboring countries discuss the diverse angles of immediate social issues. These conferences continue to establish a network among University student leaders and more importantly, provide opportunities for the youth to participate in the exercise of nation-building.

The Civics Desk also reaches out to the larger community through extension programs which further the students’ sense of responsible citizenship such as the BIGGKAS program.

Through its Unitas Leadership Education Program (UN/LEAD/ED), the Civics Desk further contributes to the development of current and emerging student leaders.

Moreover, it also oversees the formation of the student government and student organizations (particularly the civic and professional orgs) by providing assistance, support, and advice necessary to the efficiency and organization of these student groups.

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