School-based Organizations

Academic student organizations are based in respective schools and programs of the University. Their general task is to develop their members professionally and ethically.

Business Economics Association (BEA) – School of Economics

Members of the Business Economics Association working on a project.

BEA is composed of Industrial Economics majors of the University. The organization hosts symposia and projects addressing economic issues. BEA members also promote the Industrial Economics program by collaborating with economics students from other universities and organizations.

Communitas – School of Communication

Communitas is an academic organization under the School of Communication’s Integrated Marketing Communciations program assisting in the development of professionally competent and socially responsible marketers who prudently exercise their freedom to make morally upright choices for self-growth and social development.

Enterprise Management Association (EMA) – School of Management

Logos – College of Arts and Sciences (Humanities Program)

Pharos – School of Education

Polis – Institute of Political Economy

Sciences and Engineering Society (SEnS) – School of Sciences and Engineering

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