Academic and Institutional Events

To blaze trails is to start new traditions, but long-standing traditions are fuel to such fire, so to speak.

Though a young university, UA&P has beloved customs many of which are held annually and eagerly awaited by students, staff and alumni alike.

Institutional events such as the Incorporation, Equatorials and Graduation Rites and liturgical activities like the Eucharistic Processions are also among the formal programs carried out for UA&P’s student body.

The ‘beca’ is a traditional academic garb originating from Europe. UA&P students wear the color corresponding to the school they belong to.

Incorporation Rites

The first academic rite a UA&P freshman undergoes is the Incorporation, where students are formally welcomed into the University community.


The Equatorial Celebration is an official academic function for the juniors who have completed their first three years in the University (i.e., liberal education at CAS) and who have already begun their fields of specialization (under the Graduate Schools and Institutes). As an academic rite of passage, the Equatorial Celebration marks the students’ crossing over the halfway point of their course of studies.

At this celebration, each student receives a beca bearing the color of the respective Graduate School he or she is entering, and the University Seal. The colors and the corresponding courses are, Crimson for Communication, Violet for Politics, Yellow for Information Technology, Drab for Management, Light Blue for Education and Copper for Economics.

Graduation Rites

Around 300 students graduate from the University annually, each with either a bachelor’s or master’s degree. A salutation by a exemplary student usually opens the graduation ceremonies after a solemn rendition of the Philippine National Anthem by the Chorale and an Invocation by a resident priest, normally the University Chaplain. A commencement address by an individual of good repute and well-entrenched in his or her field is invited to deliver the Commencement Address.

The presentation of academic awards and the much-awaited valediction delivered by a student with honors follow the keynote speech. After the conferral of degrees by the University President, the Chorale sings the Acclamation in Latin and the Alumni Association incorporates a distinguished member.

Eucharistic Procession

Since 2005, the University of Asia and the Pacific has been holding a Eucharistic procession to honor the Blessed Sacrament—the body and blood of Christ in the form of bread and wine. This event also marks the beginning of the spiritual preparations for Advent and Christmas.

Eucharistic Procession at UA&P

A Eucharistic Procession is one form of Eucharistic adoration that has a long history in the Church. In this type of procession, the Holy Eucharist, contained inside a monstrance, is carried by a priest through a predetermined route. During this procession, Eucharistic hymns such as the famous Adoro Te Devote are sung. There are several stations in the course of the procession where the priest and people stop for the proclamation of the Holy Gospel, a prayer and a blessing.

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