Student Programs

UA&P is committed to the holistic development and values education of its students, and its many programs are crafted with this goal in mind.

Values education, a hallmark of the University, necessarily involves character education, the constrant application of the principles to the ordinary circumstances of one’s day-to-day life as a family member, a student, a citizen, a professional, a person with a divine calling, vocation, and destiny.

Mentoring and Guidance Desk

Students can take a battery of tests under the Career Exploration program to determine which career appears most compatible with their skills, interests, and personality type.

The Mentoring and Guidance Desk of UA&P’s Center for Student Affairs (CSA) is one link in the chain of services directed toward values education. It aids this formation through the Student Mentoring Program and Guidance and Counseling Services.

The Mentoring and Guidance Desk also offers other programs and seminars that explore and develop the potential of the students, such as:

  • University of Asia and the Pacific Orientation(UAPO) – freshman orientation that introduces new students to their new schoolmates, to the University officials, and to the University’s history and culture.
  • Freshman Development Program Seminar Series (FDP) – a program organized for the freshman students to further help them adjust to college life.
  • Intake Interviews for freshman students to check how they are coping with college life.
  • Provincial and International Students’ Get-Togethers that tackle topics about adjustment, homesickness and various coping mechanisms.
  • University Scholars Program – a yearlong formation program for UA&P scholars.
  • Batch Testing for all year levels – the results of the tests are interpreted to students to help them gain better self-awareness. Students can also take any of the Guidance Desk’s available standardized tests to appraise their abilities, aptitude, interests and personality.
  • Career Exploration to help students with their career planning. They can take a battery of tests to determine which career appears most compatible with their skills, interests, and personality type.
  • Job Essentials: One Step Closer to the Real World – Instead of a typical talk on job hunting, the graduating students are invited to attend a workshop-type activity wherein they are given options to attend any of the different services offered (résumé-editing, mock job interviews, basic make-up and corporate dressing, etc.).
  • Peer Facilitators Program (PEER) – we train student peer facilitators—older and more mature students whom you can turn to for friendly advice and support.
  • Exit Questionnaire and Exit Interviews for graduating students.
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