Registrar and Records

The Office of the Registrar (REG) is an academic support unit of the University and the hub of academic records of students in campus from their admission to graduation.

It services online enlistment and enrollment of students whose academic performance and status are monitored closely to ensure their retention in the University until they earn their respective degrees.

Its mandate lies in ensuring the confidentiality of student data and information in accordance to education law. As it directs its services towards academic standards management of the University, it commits itself to the achievement of the highest standards of professional excellence through quality service delivery.


Office’s electronic services are supported by ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) that helps facilitate smooth cheap online enlistment and enrollment by students, access of grades by students and parents, and timely delivery of student and faculty services among others.

Daily transactions and requests from here and abroad which are received thru e-mail, by phone or filed personally by students or alumni are attended to in accordance with the standard operating procedures or SOPs.

Policies of the Registrar’s Office especially those which pertain to the confidentiality of academic records and grades of students are implemented in keeping with the provisions and guidelines found in The UA&P Student Handbook, the UA&P Registrar’s Manual of Operations 2012 which are anchored on the Credo, Mission-Vision of the university as well as the policies and guidelines found in the CHED’s MORPHE or Manual of Regulations for Private Higher Education 2008.

Office Hours

The office is open daily from 8:30 to 5:30 pm with no noon break from Monday to Friday (except on Wednesdays) and from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

Request for Transcripts and Other School Records: Policies and Procedure

Requests may be done personally, by mail or by fax of the requesting student or alumni. Authorization letter may be required if the requesting person cannot personally file the request and/or receive the document from the Registrar’s Office (REG). The same policy holds for request of second copy of diploma by graduates.

Transcript of Records is a confidential document.  As such, it cannot be sent by fax or by e-mail.  The signature of the student or alumni is required before any record is released by the office.

All students currently enrolled in the university enjoy the privilege of securing certification of enrollment anytime during the academic year. They may request for a copy or copies of their temporary transcript of records issued for evaluation purposes upon submission of a letter addressed to the University Registrar. Official Transcripts of Records are issued only to graduates of the University and to any institution or company for purposes of employment, continuance of studies (by transferees from UA&P) or for further studies (of graduates).

Processing Time

Under normal circumstances, processing takes three (3)) working days for transcript of records and one (1) day for certifications.  Processing of urgent requests for transcripts takes only one (1) working day but with extra charges for the fast lane service. Second copy requests for diploma require at least one (1) week to complete signatories.

Complete list of all official documents together with their corresponding processing time and fee is indicated in the table below.

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