Frequently Asked Questions

About the Institution

About the country

  • Population: 100 million (as of 2014)
  • Average temperature: Fall Term: from 28 ºC to 31 ºC  | Spring Term: from 29 ºC to 33 ºC
  • Snowfall: No
  • Native language(s): Filipino (medium of instruction is English)

Information about the UA&P exchange program

  • Office in charge of student exchange: Public and International Affairs Office
  • Website: > International
  • Link of courses available: None, but arrangement via e-mail can be done
  • Popular courses: Business, Marketing, Economics, Humanities
  • Contact person: Ms. Chesca Bringera at (632) 637-0912 local 206 and
  • Application deadline: 1st Term: 9 May | 2nd Term: 17 October | Summer Term: (not open to exchange students)

 Languages of instruction: English

  • Number of term(s) per year: 2
  • Start date and end date: 
    • 1st Semester: second week of August to second week of December
    • 2nd Semester: second week of January to third week of May
    • Summer term: first week of June to second week of July
  • Term break:
    • Christmas Break: third week of December to first week of January
    • Summer break: third week of July to first week of August
  • Exam Period:
    • 1st Semester: first week of December
    • 2nd Semester: second week of May
  • Orientation Day: Orientation shall be done individually upon arrival in UA&P
  • Is there any orientation fee exchange? None.
  • Date of arrival pick-up:
    • 1st Term: within the fourth week of July
    • 2nd Term: within the first week of January
  • Is there any cost for the pick-up service for exchange students? None.
  • Note: The University does not operate a hostel but housing accommodation can be arranged prior to the arrival of the student.

Accommodation and estimated expenses

You can visit this website to check the latest international exchange rates for the Philippine peso (Php)

  • Availability of residence halls: None.
  • Are all exchange students guaranteed accommodation before arrival? Yes.
  • Types of room available: single, shared room, double, apartment
  • Range of hall fee per term: Php17,000 to Php 20,000 per month (inclusive of main meals)
  • Are there any compulsory meal plans? None.
  • Student activities fee: None.
  • Tuition per term: None. Tuition to be paid at home school.
  • Estimated living expenses: Php10,000 a month
  • Damage deposit for residence: Equivalent to 2 months of rent (refundable at the end of the pre-agreed term)
  • Other miscellaneous fees: For visa and immigration fees vary, please visit
  • Estimated total expenses: Php30,000 per month, exclusive of visa and immigration fees

Health and insurance proof

  • Are there mandatory insurance packages that students are required to purchase before or after arrival? None.
  • Are there any criteria for exchange students to meet in purchasing insurance packages (e.g. amount of coverage)?
  • Yes. Exchange students should purchase from any provider in their home country for as long as it covers the Philippines. Rates actually depend on hospitals. UA&P refers students to The Medical City Hospital (
  • Amount of financial proof required for visa application: None.
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