Research and Projects

Research and social extension projects are very much at the heart of UA&P’s existence.

As an academic community, UA&P carries on the foundational aims and traditions of its forerunner, the Center for Research and Communication (CRC). Hence, the University continues to undertake high level, interdisciplinary research for the common good of society and to communicate the results of such research through various media and to varied audiences. At the same time, the University’s brand of “social responsibility” goes beyond common notions attributed to charity and stewardship that are commonly expressed by dole-outs.

UA&P’s research and social projects aim, above all, at a synthesis of humanistic, professional, scientific, and technical knowledge, inspired by a view of man and a sense of life that is distinctively Christian.

University Research Agenda

The university research agenda deals with the Christian dimension of man as reflected in the areas of media and entertainment, advertising, fashion, legislation, culture, civic education, poverty alleviation, and the world of work.

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