The UA&P library has diverse collections with 68,000 volumes.

Book Collections


This collection is composed of books about the Philippines written by Filipinos or non-Filipinos, in any of the Philippine languages, or in a foreign language published here and abroad.

General Collection

At the Don Eugenio Lopez Library, the general collection is composed of Philosophy, Religion, History, Music, arts, Languages, Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Biological Science, Sports, Technology, Military Science, and Bibliography. The general collection at the Don Emilio Ejercito Library consists of advanced materials in Philosophy, Economics, Religion, History, Political Science, education, Music, Arts, Languages, Literature, Sciences, Agriculture, Technology, and Bibliography.

General Reference

Books in this collection provide fast access to information and are used as guides to study and research. They are meant to be consulted for specific information rather than for consecutive reading. Some examples are dictionaries, directories, almanacs, etc. Both libraries have their own general reference collection.

Government Publication

A collection of materials published by the different Philippine agencies such as National Statistics Office, National Economic and Development Authority, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Philippine Institute for Development Studies, etc. These materials are shelved at the Don Emilio Ejercito Library.

Books on Reserve

This collection is those materials requested by the faculty to be reserved for a particular class. Materials are shelved inside the Circulation-Reserve areas of both libraries. These books may remain on reserve for either one or two semesters of the current year. Reserved books for the undergraduate students are found at the Don Emilio Eugenio Lopez Library while those for the graduate students are shelved at the Don Emilio Ejercito Library.

Serials Collection

These publications such as newspapers and journals that are consecutively numbered and issued indefinitely.

Bound Periodicals

Included in this collection at the Don Emilio Ejercito Library are some 107+ titles of both foreign and local journals on economics, management, business, communication, political economy, information technology, and education, philosophy, theology, English, literature, history, languages, arts, sciences, and sports. Current issues are displayed in the reading area of both libraries.

Special Collection

Corporate Files

This is a collection of annual reports of different local and foreign organizations and corporations filed alphabetically by agency at the Don Emilio Ejercito Library.

Data Bank

This is a collection of pamphlets, monographs, and other ephemeral materials on subject of current interest that will update, enrich and supplement the book and periodical collection. The materials are filed alphabetically by subject in filing cabinet at the Don Eugenio Lopez Library.

Newspapers on DVD-ROM

Newspapers on DVD-ROM are available in both libraries. The Don Eugenio Lopez Library has the back issues of Philippine Daily Inquirer from 2003-2007 and the Don Emilio Ejercito Library has the back issues of The Philippine Star from 2003-2007.

Rare Books

A collection of foreign and local books published from the 14th century through the 18th century. It is found at the Don Emilio Ejercito Library.

Thesis Collection

Contained in this collection are theses of both graduate and undergraduate students. They are shelved inside the Circulation-Reserve section of Don Emilio Ejercito Library. All theses are for room use only.

UA&P Publications

A collection of books, studies, and periodicals written and published by the UA&P faculty and staff housed at the Don Emilio Ejercito Library.

Audio-Visual Materials

This collection includes videotapes, audiocassettes, CDs of classical music, instructional, documentaries, and films on DVD and VCD formats, CD-ROMs,and maps.

New Books

Newly acquired books are on display in the reading areas of both libraries.

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