Leo Parma-Asiapro Professorial Chair

Funded by Asiapro’s Kagawani Foundation, the Leo Parma / Asiapro Professorial Chair will enable in perpetuum a number of our professors to undertake a wide range of research focusing on how economics and business can–without losing their predominant concerns on getting the maximum material benefits from relatively scarce resources–still be instruments for attaining societal goals.

UA&P co-founder Dr. Bernardo Villegas is the first to assume the Chair.

According to the Asiapro-UA&P agreement, the University appoints the holder of the professorial chair, who must be (1) a person of good moral character, (2) of professorial rank with high academic achievement, and (3) of established professional reputation in any field with a substantial bearing on social entrepreneurship.

Among the duties of the Chairholder is conducting social entrepreneurship-related lectures, research and outreach activities, and an annual colloquium.

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