BPI Professorial Chair for Migration and Overseas Filipino Work

The Center for Research and Communication (CRC) with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Foundation, Inc., established the BPI Professorial Chair for Migration and Overseas Filipino Work (MOFW). For three years, the holder of the professorial chair, Associate Professor and CRC Director for Operations Dr. Veronica Esposo Ramirez, will undertake research studies on migration and development, and publish teaching resource materials on the integration of migration into the K-12 BEC subjects.

The center’s work on overseas Filipino workers has had a number of accomplishments, including the publication of the book Working Overseas: Diaspora that Sustains a Nation. The publication includes socio-economic analysis and benchmarking of overseas household service workers and other research studies and activities initiated by CRC.

Together with its committee on OFW composed of key stakeholders in the migration industry, CRC also crafted a legislative bill proposal for investment incentives for overseas Filipino workers and/or their immediate family members.  A series of roundtable discussions and conferences was also held to bring together people engaged in overseas employment in reasoned conversation and dialogue on issues that affect not only OFWs, but also their families left behind, communities, and the entire nation. All these were done with the purpose of making current issues understood by decision-makers in business, government and civil society, who can translate progressive ideas into action.

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