Corporate Publications

Publications for purposes of general information on the University are produced by the Corporate Communications Office.


The official magazine of the University of Asia and the Pacific, UNIVERSITAS aims to foster the spirit of UA&P and promote the mission-vision of the University among its internal and external stakeholders. It contains chronicles of events and activities, essays, interviews, reviews, and in-depth feature articles on relevant issues. Read UNIVERSITAS online on Issuu »

News Page (Ang Pahayagang Pangkomunidad ng UA&P)

The community newspaper of the University, News Page issues are printed fortnightly to foster transparency and unity and to promote the mission-vision of the institution among its internal stakeholders. It updates readers about new issuances, such as policies and important announcements that affect the faculty and staff. It also chronicles achievements of the members of the community and related events.

UA&P News Online

This regular cialis online publication is where campus reports, student-related projects, feature stories, multimedia, and announcements for the whole university and student body are posted. Updated every weekday, UA&P News aims to inform readers about UA&P events and achievements as soon as they have happened in the format of a news magazine website.

The online format allows more varied content, from the traditional news and feature articles to slideshows and video clips. These are all also incorporated in social media channels.

UA&P Newsletter

The online newsletter of the University of Asia and the Pacific, the e-mail subscription direct subscribers to contents in the news website and other relevant sites featuring UA&P events.

Annual Report

The Annual Report provides comprehensive information on activities and achievements of the University during the preceding year. It contains the President’s Report, highlights, changes in business models, management accomplishments, school activities, and the financial report.


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