Regular Publications

Publications by Schools of the University of Asia and the Pacific.

CAS Review is an annual peer-reviewed journal of the University of Asia and the Pacific, College of Arts and Sciences. CAS Review accepts articles from all faculty members and graduate students of the University of Asia and the Pacific.

Industry Monitor by the School of Economics gives reviews and analysis of industry performance, prospects, and competition. Research and Development experts or multidisciplinary individual or teams are assigned to monitor and analyze specific industries in Agribusiness, Manufacturing, and Services.

Market Call, a monthly publication of the School of Economics in partnership with First Metro Investment Corporation, gives the latest forecasts on the Philippine economy, especially on capital markets, made up of the stock market, the bond market and the money market.

A UA&P publication in the field of humanities and the social sciences.

Recent Economic Indicators by the School of Economics gives estimates and forecasts of macroeconomic indicators that affect the nation and your institution such as exports, interest rates, exchange rates, and price indices.

Staff Memos by the School of Economics provides impact assessment of current and urgent domestic and international issues to guide executives and managers in their action plans and decisions.

Synergeia is refereed journal on interdisciplinary research in the humanities and the social sciences published by UA&P. When business and science articles are published, they are less on the functional areas (such as marketing, finance, production, and policy) and more on their humanistic and social aspects, such as business ethics, corporate social responsibility and the like.

Urban Markets Adviser by the School of Economics explores or validates the risk and opportunities in consumer spending, trade and investments, and government projects in Metro Manila and the 16 countryside regions.

Roundtable  is a magazine and forum of the Institute of Political Economy that provides in-depth analyses, commentaries, and perspectives on contemporary issues.  Its serves as a vital link of the institute to the university community and its institutional partners.

Food and Agri Business Monitor by the Center for Food and Agri Business is a monthly magazine that features short articles on selected agri-food industries. It provides news summaries of important developments in the sector both local and overseas, and it includes agri-food related notes and commentaries from the CFA staff.  It also presents monthly price monitors of selected fresh and processed agricultural commodities. At the end of each quarter, FAM comes with the Food and Agri Business Papers which provides in-depth analyses of food and agri industries including relevant policy issues, and quarterly statistics on the country’s leading agricultural exports and imports.

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