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The Center for Food and Agri Business (CFA) is the agri-food research and instruction arm of the University of Asia and and the Pacific School of Management.

It has been at the forefront of food and agribusiness research since 1983. It conducts industry, policy and strategy studies geared at enhancing the agri-food sector’s competitiveness. It disseminates information to stakeholders via conferences, short courses, specialized seminars as well as its publications.

Furthermore, it establishes networks and strategic alliances with other relevant institutions and stakeholders. Likewise, it develops and manages a comprehensive database for the sector.

Its mission is to become a leading institution in agri-food education and research.

Food and Agri Business Conference

 Held every July and December, the conference is a semi-annual (mid-year and year-end) conference that gathers together managers, investors, planners and policy-makers in the agri-food  sector. It provides a venue for discussing trends, performances,  challenges, coping mechanisms and future strategies of agricultural industries.

ServSafe Certification Course

The Center for Food and Agri Business (CFA) runs ServSafe Certification Course every quarter in collaboration with Ecolab Philippines. ServSafe is a two-day course in which participants take the certification exam on the second day for two hours. It is a widely-recognized food safety program registered under the Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association based in Chicago, USA.

ServSafe provides high-quality education and training for all levels of employees of the restaurant, food service and hospitality industry. It enables participants to learn science-based information on how to run a safe establishment by focusing on all aspects of handling food.

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